Cyber insurance

Business protection for SMEs and the self-employed

You are probably aware of terms such as cyber-attack, phishing, ransomware, Trojan horse, malware, spyware or dark web. They represent a real threat to your business as regards cyber crime.
You are an ideal target for cyber-criminals, regardless of your area of business or your size; the information and data you hold are bound to attract attention.

What do you do if you find yourself facing one of the following situations?

  • UA leak of personal, confidential data;
  • Your payment system is hacked;
  • All the data crucial to your business is encrypted;
  • A mistake by an employee means protected data is sent to the wrong recipient...

You will understand that for your business to run smoothly, you should do your utmost to prevent such attacks.

The risks run:

  • Total data loss;
  • Disclosure of confidential data;
  • Business interruption and lost revenue;
  • Serious financial penalties in the event of a breach of data protection regulations.

Foyer's Cyber Pro solution

The Cyber Pro service naturally includes an insurance component, but importantly an assistance component to support and guide you through emergency situations.

Foyer will help in crisis management, and take charge of:

  • Identifying and confirming the nature of the problem;
  • Advising on actions to take and statements to issue;
  • Analysing the seriousness of the threat;
  • Notifying any victims;
  • Negotiating with cyber-criminals;
  • Removing viruses;
  • Online intelligence regarding the stolen data.

24/7 assistance on 473 43 3100

Foyer covers the loss and harm sustained by your business and/or caused to third parties

  • All the costs incurred to investigate and remedy the threat;
  • Ensuing gross margin lost;
  • Spending on business continuity;
  • Costs charged to insureds by the issuers of bank cards;
  • Investigation costs paid by insureds charged by the CNPD (Luxembourg's National Data Protection Commission);
  • Compensation claims by third parties (users and/or banks);
  • Costs incurred on repairing the reputation of the business;
  • Civil liability claims;

Calculate your risk and receive a 10% discount!

Calculate your risk online on the Ministry of the Economy website by taking the cyber-security evaluation questionnaire and receive a 10% discount on your insurance

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